New websites can be divided into two parts... the design: layout, colours, fonts and images (your banner and logo); and the content added to the pages once up online. Each part takes as long as it takes. You may have a clear idea of your 'look', or not, and content can take time to write if it's not your forte. However I can help you with each of these.

What I love about my work is I take this journey of self discovery with you. The thinking, assessing, decision marking part of presenting your website and design. My goal is to give you and your business a mirror, a reflection online showing the world what is meaningful and of value in your life and your business. My goal is for you to be happy with what you have created and proud to have it as your e-business doorway.

Full 2020 Terms and Conditions and Information for New and Current Clients available here.

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"I could tell you all a long story about my experiences trying to get my vision into reality, however I am sure you have all had a few of your own. What I can tell you is you need look no further. I was referred to Neri by a colleague who spoke so highly of her I thought surely there couldn't be anyone who gets what I do like 'we' do.

However not only was she in sync with what I was trying to achieve, she understood what I needed every time.

Every time.

She understood that my passion was the most important thing in the world to me, and I didn't need to feel uncomfortable making changes until it was perfect. She adds creativity, flair, common sense, and a touch of humor no matter what I threw at her. I can't recommend her to you enough, just as I have recommended her to everyone either building, maintaining or rebranding. If you haven't heard of her it is because we are trying to keep her our secret. If you have heard of her - it is no surprise."

Nicole McHenry, VIC

Preferred Method of Contact between Designer and Client

For information on why I prefer to use email for all contact, please click here.

Domain Name Registration

For information on registration of your domain name (website name, URL) please click here.
If you are in any way unsure how to proceed with a new registration, or have one already and do not have access to the account, please contact me immediately.

New Website Design

For information on the process of having a website designed, please click here.

Current Website RE-Design

For information on the process of having a website re-designed, please click here.

Coding and Templates

I hand code my websites. This means I write code on a blank screen, and do not use templates or any web building software such as wordpress, joomla, dreamwaver, wix or any kind of content management system. Content Management Software allows the client to build and access their own website and make changes. I use three foundational coding languages - CSS, HMTL and PHP - to build websites and each page is checked for errors, and verified with the World Wide Consortium (WC3) for accuracy and up to date code changes.

Web Page Optimisation

I offer Work Schedules to help clients keep in touch and make sure websites stay up to date in every way, particularly with regard to optimisation. See details here. SEO is the addition of code and content to maximise each page's potential search results position (where your pages will appear in your browser as you search using various keywords and phrases). There are many ideas regarding website optimisation, I strictly follow the current standards and rules set by Google. This information is available directly from Google and here in PDF format. It is not possible to accurately predict where a website will appear in the search results. Google warns against using any web designer who promises you a particular position, as generally the tactics used to try and achieve a high ranking will be illegal (black hat techniques).

Editing, Updating and Access

Access to your website control panel is restricted. The reasons for this are:

  • All websites are hosted on my own server with in Sydney, Australia. Therefore anyone accessing the server could bring a potential virus onto the server, or make a change which not only affects their own site setup, but another client as well
  • I believe best results come from a partnership where you have all the time you need to work in your business, and I in mine
  • To practically facilitate this, I offer a small amount of free updating per month so you can make website changes and add new website content, keeping your site up to date and interesting. This benefits you, me, your visitors and your web page search results and ranking
  • My website hosting company is excellent. Their level of customer support and experienced technicians give everyone a stress free hosting experience
  • You are able to have a copy of ALL your website files at any time once all invoices are paid, and I can give you instructions to download your website files directly


Blogs are not built into your website. They are linked from your website with a simple one-click action. I use the Wordpress Linen Theme, and set up your blog to look just like your website. Linking them together allows your visitors to move easily from one to the other. Copying your blog content to your website as general content gives you two locations where searchers can find you, as it allows two opportunities for the blog content to be indexed by search engines. By adding the blog content to your website you also update your website content regularly without any extra work.
You can find the current cost of a Linen Theme Wordpress Blog here.

Moving On

For information about moving on from Central West Web Design, please click here.

"I have a lot of gratitude for Neri. Her advice, guidance, suggestions, and patience are lovely and create a space where I feel free to muse with ease. The care and attention she embodies make it truly a lovely experience to work with her and the result is a lovely site that is very reflective of me and what it is I offer.

The site has a lovely balance of professionalism and softness, absolutely perfect. I asked Neri for a total redesign of the site and concept. Not a small feat.

Little did I realise upon asking the enormity of feelings that would come with this. Neri not only was great at being patient with my ideas, changes and so on, but she also provided support and comfort regarding the emotional feelings and releases I experienced. I very thank full to Neri, feeling blessed to work with her."

Erin Veronica, NSW

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